We Make Amazing

Things Every Day.

Creating collaborations for Africa’s

Black female creatives.

The goal and objective of Black Seed is to foster collaboration between black female creatives. We will also provide a rental space for collaboration between filmmakers and affordable film equipment to various productions. The intent is also to contribute to growing and building audience appreciation of local content in marginalised areas.

To develop our in house production component we would employ a part time crew and talent for multiple productions per annum and develop multiple scripts, concepts and projects per annum. In growing our capital resources we would offer proposal writing, script-editing and concept development services. We will have a presence at all the major local and international film festivals and markets in order to promote and market both our business and products.

Our Mission Statement

Black Seed’s mission is to develop, produce, sell and distribute quality African content in film and television all over the world. We intend to become the best Africa based virtual studio and development and production hub in the world. Black Seed Film Hub offers a unique service unparalleled in the African film arena.

With a focus on black female filmmakers collaborating to produce quality content and packaging, our aim is to create a film hub space catering to Africa and the international market. Black Seed Film Hub is a Johannesburg based company and was founded in 2018.

Our Service Offering Includes:

Concept Development

Ideation, strategy and project mapping.

Script Editing

Line editing and storyline development.

Production Services

Servicing primarily African production companies.

Film Proposals

Assistance with proposal drafting and conceptualisation.